I thought long and hard about life coaching and approached it with caution. I didn't think it could help me but what did I have to lose? I am glad to admit that I was so wrong. Talking through scenarios and thinking things through with Amanda has helped me immensely. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the tools to deal with my own thoughts and to plan ahead with clarity. The goals I set for myself early on have been achieved and Amanda was central to this process of allowing me time and support to come to my own decisions. As the phrase goes 'This was just what the doctor ordered' however it was so much better than this and will stay with me for life. Amazing Amanda.

Educational Adviser

Had a really positive coaching session with Amanda at Carver Consulting yesterday
 I worked on my business development and thanks to Amanda's calm and focused approach I'm feeling super motivated with a list of actions. Highly recommend her. Thanks Amanda.

Sarah Morris, Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer.

I came to Amanda at a point in my life where I was at a loss as to which direction to take, both in my personal and professional life. I had been at a ‘cross-roads’ for some time and was frustrated by my lack of vision. Amanda worked with me over a number of coaching sessions to help me to better define and understand my personal and professional life goals and, through a variety of analysis and questioning technique’s Amanda really enabled me to re-discover my energy and set out a clear and achievable direction. My only regret is that I waited so long before seeking help! Warm, approachable, professional, practical and supportive​.  

Debbie S, HR Business Partner